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Investment opportunities currently exist with U.S. based 21ST Century Motoring, LLC, as well as with Swiss-based Peraves AG.

21st Century Motoring is an upstart venture, based in Richmond, VA, which is focused on unique, exciting, & efficient vehicles for the 21st Century.  Peraves AG is the Swiss-based company which invented and manufactures the "MonoTracer ".

The core of the 21st Century Motoring business venture is its role as the U.S. marketing, promotion, and distribution agency for the Peraves MonoTracer®.  This vehicle won $2.5 million in a global competition called the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize (
www.ProgressiveAutoXprize.org).  The competition was created to find "The Best Production-Capable 100 MPGe Vehicles".

The MonoTracer® is a very unique and special vehicle with no direct competition.  The vehicle concept has over 10 million miles of travel on real-world roads and highways.  The vehicle has the very unique selling proposition of being able to offer the excitement and fun of a motorcycle, the performance and all-weather comfort of a sports car, and the exclusitivity of an Italian sports car.  No other vehicle on earth has this combination of assets, characteristics, and features. 

Given the above, along with the vehicle's high-tech components & materials, and limited availability, the vehicle is justifiably positioned in the high-performance two-seater market, where Porsche 911s, top of the line Corvettes, and even Ferraris roam.  It is a vehicle for those who don't have to ask "how much?",  and who are seeking excitement, engineering excellence, and originality in the vehicles they drive.

21st Century Motoring has been and is currently carrying out a product awareness and brand development campaign, with targeted individuals, and in targeted markets.  Influx of additional capital would be utilized to accelerate marketing and promotion efforts, fund certification efforts for future MonoTracer models, and build-up of product or component inventory (for faster delivery & service).

Please contact Jim Lorimer at 21st Century Motoring for more details.




21st Century
began its association with Peraves AG back in 1996, when Jim Lorimer contacted Arnold Wagner with an interest in becoming the U.S. importer and distributor of the Peraves Ecomobile (the predecessor to the MonoTracer).  Within a few months, Jim met with Mr. Wagner and spent a few days at the factory, learning about the Ecomobile and Peraves AG.  Later that year, Jim assisted-with and attended a few of the stops on the 1996 ECO U.S. Tour, which involved 10 Ecomobiles doing a 20-day tour throughout the U.S.

In the following years, Jim worked with Peraves on importation and certification issues, while making additional visits to Switzerland to learn more about the Ecomobile.  Jim participated in the Ecomobile Training & World Cup in Brno, CZ on two occasions (at one point claiming the title of "America's Fastest ECO Pilot").  Jim also spent numerous hours/days riding-in or "piloting" an Ecomobile through the cities and countrysides of countries such as Czech Republic, Germany, Austrailia, Italy, and of course, Switzerland.

Due to some unrelated career demands, Jim was forced to put his plans for an Ecomobile importation business on "hold" for a few years.  In 2009, Jim was once again in a position to focus time and investment on establishing a Peraves Agency in the U.S., which coincided nicely with the introduction of the next generation of the Ecomobile, the MonoTracer.

Jim has re-established 21st Century Motoring's relationship with Peraves, and is currently carrying out efforts to 1) expand awareness of the MonoTracer in the U.S., and 2) assist U.S. customers with  the MonoTracer purchase process, delivery, set-up, and training.  Please feel free to use the form to the left to let Jim know about any questions or comments you may have about the MonoTracer, OR if you think you might be interested in purchasing a MonoTracer and would like to schedule a test-ride.


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