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IS THE MONOTRACER® AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.?  “Yes”, the MonoTracer® is currently available in the U.S., however due to the hand-built nature of the MonoTracer®, there is a 6 to 7 month lead-time for delivery.


DOES THE MONOTRACER® MEET U.S. EPA EMISSIONS STANDARDS?  The MonoTracer® has been certified by the U.S. EPA to meet U.S. emissions standards.


ARE THERE ANY MONOTRACERS CURRENTLY IN THE U.S.?  Yes.  There is one in Georgia, one in Texas, one in California, and one in Virginia.

WHAT IS THE PRICE OF THE MONOTRACER® AND E-TRACER®?  The MonoTracer® base price is 59,350 Euros, and the E-Tracer® base price is 79,350 Euros (special options are available on both models, for an additional cost).  Due to the constant fluctuations in the exchange rate between the U.S. dollar  and the Euro, we do not publish U.S. dollar prices.  Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with converting the Euro prices to U.S. dollars, or  if you would like a complete price list.  Of course, sales tax, import duties & fees, and registration fees are additional.


WHAT OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE  MONOTRACER® AND E-TRACER?  Options such as anti-spin control, cruise control, air conditioning, chrome wheels, custom paint or interior and special carbon-fiber packages are available at an additional cost.  Please contact us for a complete listing of options and the associated pricing. 


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO SHIP A MONOTRACER® OR E-TRACER TO THE U.S.?  Of course this depends upon the exact location you want the vehicle shipped to, however just for “ballpark” planning purposes, air freight to the U.S. is expected to be between $3000 and $5000.  Ocean shipments are a second option, which will typically cost less. 


I AM 6’ 2” TALL;  WILL I FIT IN THIS VEHICLE WITHOUT MY HEAD TOUCHING THE ROOFThe MonoTracer® has and ample amount of headroom. The manufacturing manager is over 6’ tall, and has been driving the previous version of the MonoTracer® (the Ecomobile) for years, with no problem. 


DO THE WHEELS COME DOWN AUTOMATICALLY?  No, the stabilizer wheels do not come down automatically.  They are controlled by a driver-actuated switch on the handlebar.  There is safety-componentry built into the system, which prevents the stabilizers from coming down above a certain speed, and if the vehicle is leaned over.


WHAT COLORS IS THE MONOTRACER® AVAILABLE IN?  The MonoTracer® comes in white as ‘standard’.  Almost any other color imaginable is available as an option.

® HAVE HEAT AND AIR-CONDITIONING?  The MonoTracer® comes standard with a purpose-built ventilation system which can provide air-flow from either fresh air, or re-circulated air, and either source can be heated if desired.  The system has 4 aircraft-style air vents in the cabin which can be adjusted directionally, as well as volume-wise, and two defroster vents..  A special, highly-efficient and lightweight air-conditioning system is available as an option on the MonoTracer®.

® HAVE A DEFROSTER?  The purpose-built ventilation system on the MonoTracer® has two windshield defroster vents.


CAN I GET AN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION IN THE MONOTRACER®The MonoTracer® is not available in with an automatic transmission.  However, the forthcoming E-Tracer® (an all-electric version of the MonoTracer®) will have a direct-drive transmission, and thus will not have clutch or gears - - just turn the throttle and go!


DOES THE MONOTRACER® REQURE A SPECIAL DRIVING LICENSE?  Yes, this is essentially a big motorcycle, and you need the motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license.


CAN I DRIVE AROUND WITH THE STABALIZERS DOWN?  Sure!  You can drive with them down in stop-n-go traffic, on dirt or gravel roads, in slushy winter conditions, etc.   You can drive safely up to 50 mph with the stabilizers down.


WHY IS THE MONOTRACER® SO EXPENSIVE?  Actually, when you look at what you are getting, it isn’t expensive.  A composite monocoque cannot be stamped in a press nor injection molded, thus over 800 man hours go into the fabrication of one single, totally hand-built high-performance machine.  As with a formula or Indy car, it must be hand-layered, layer by layer.  In addition, the same Kevlar that is used in bullet-proof vests is used in all crash-sensitive areas of the MonoTracer® (and this material is extremely nasty to work with).  Finally, all mechanical parts are designed for high performance and long life.  The MonoTracer® is not only designed and engineered like an aircraft, but it is also built like one!.



AND RANGE OF THE E-TRACER® BE?  The E-Tracer® is expected to have a top speed of 150 mph, a 0-60 time of less than 5 seconds, and a range of 200 miles (at 65 mph cruise speed).  It is anticipated that the recharge time could be as low as 1-hour (with appropriate charging voltage and amperage). 

  From 1988 to 2004, there were 95 Ecomobiles made (the “Ecomobile” is the predecessor to the MonoTracer®).  In 2008 and 2009, there were 18 MonoTracers, and 2 “E-Tracers” made (the “E-Tracer” is an all-electric version of the MonoTracer®).  The company projects that in 2010, they will make 36 MonoTracers and 2 E-Tracers.


WHERE ARE THE MONOTRACERS AND E-TRACERS AVAILABLE FOR SALEThe MonoTracer® is currently available for sale in numerous countries in Europe (Switzerland, Germany, U.K., Austria, Italy, etc.), the United States & Canada, and just recently, a dealer in United Arab Emirates started offering the MonoTracer.


WHO DISTRIBUTES THE MONOTRACERS AND E-TRACERS?  The MonoTracer® is offered direct from Peraves in Switzerland and surrounding countries, and through specific Peraves Agencies in various other countries around the world.  


DO YOU HAVE A NORTH AMERICAN DISTRIBUTOR OR DEALER?  The U.S. Agent for Peraves is 21st Century Motoring in Richmond, VA (804-513-2054 – Jim@21stCenturyMotoring.com). 

ABLE TO SEE A MONOTRACER®21st Century Motoring  has a demonstrator vehicle in Virginia, which interested parties can see and be taken for rides in.  This vehicle will be taken around the East Coast and Mid-West regions throughout the year for various events.  In addition depending on your level of interest, in other parts of the country it may be possible to make arrangements for you to see and ride in an existing customer’s MonoTracer®.  Please contact Jim Lorimer for more details (804-513-2054 – Jim@21stCenturyMotoring.com)..


WHEN DO YOU EXPECT TO LAUNCH AND BEGIN SELLING THE E-TRACER®Peraves expects to be able to deliver E-Tracers by mid-year 2011.


IS THERE INFORMATION AVAILABLE REGARDING THE STATUS OF THE SUPERBALLMOTOR® PROJECT?  At this point, the SUPERBALLMOTOR® project is literally “in development”.  There have been a number of successes, and there are still some things that are being worked-through.  The most complete information about the Peraves SUPERBALLMOTOR®  is on the Peraves web site (http://kugelmotor.peraves.ch/index_en.htm).  Be sure to click on the link to the video, which is located in the lowest left-hand corner of the web page.


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